Love is the ultimate expression of Cartier’s design vision. Perfect clean lines and precise proportions meet in an oval bracelet formed of two rigid arcs that must be screwed together using a special matching screwdriver. With its unique locking mechanism, it shows that love is not to be taken lightly.


Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo created the Cartier Love bracelet in the Cartier New York workshops in the 1970s. The stories of its first sales are legends of themselves and the magnificent couples who have donned the bracelets over the years shine bright in the Cartier galaxy.


A jewelry collection for everyone, full of symbolism, Love was a modern declaration of love in the 1970s just as it is now in the 2000s, almost 40 years after its first sketch. While it is now designed in many versions, it continues to ask the question of its wearer: how far would you go for love?